Locally Sourced Passionately Produced

Locally Sourced Passionately Produced

At Pantrini’s we look to source local wherever possible, we feel its important to be involved in the local food produce community to help it flourish, reduce food miles and so that we can be assured of the quality. After all Mr Pantrini’s very first principle of business was to buy the best ingredients

Here’s some of the people that form our local food community:


Marilyn and Derek provide all of our potatoes and without doubt are the experts of the north-east when it come to spuds!

Like many of our suppliers they’re more like a business partner and absolutely understand our commitment to quality. So much so they know we’ll never buy from them without testing their produce as all potatoes react and behave differently once prepped and fried, they can at times provide us with up to 10 samples per week, all to ensure that you the customer get the best quality chip possible.


nicholsonsDoug nicholsonsThe 2 families of the Nicholsons and the Pantrini’s/Landreths are sewn into the fabric of the Whitley Bay community. They have stood the test of time due to their commitment to service, quality and moving with the times. We also have a relationship that dates back a number of generations and we’re proud to say that
relationship is as strong as ever.

Doug and his team supply all of the quality meets that we use for
our Home made burgers and pies, we wouldn’t look to use anyone else!

SteveSteve the grocer

Steve provides all of our dairy, herbs and fruit & veg, he’s local, manages his own business and is quick to meet our needs.

He hails from New Hartley and has been a very important business partner for the last 10 years. He is as committed as we are to fresh produce and seems to work around the clock!


ColbeckHenry Colebeck was founded in 1893 and is the oldest independent supplier to the fish and chip market in the Uk. It is a family owned and managed business. The company has been built on quality, service and reliability with customer care as a driving influence. Their fleet is capable of delivering both frozen and ambient products throughout the North east of England, Yorkshire, Cumbria and Scotland to over 2500 customers.

Like the relationship with the Nicholsons, our family relationship with the Colbecks goes way back! They are one of if not thee major stockiest of fish and chip shops across the country and are based at the Team Valley.

Doug Colbeck and his team are at the forefront of our industry championing its cause and heritage. They’re regularly consulted by Seafish and the NFFF on a number of projects and are keen sponsors of many a major event.

They supply the majority of our dry goods as well as our drinks and all of our packaging.

The Lady pearl and north shields fish quaysustainabilityandrecycling
For all of our blackboard specials, homemade, fish and crab cakes we use the produce caught by Angus Murry and his crew on “The Lady Pearl” or Sea view or lindsfarne seafoods, all from the fish quay. Cant get better or fresher! We love our little adventures down there to buy stuff as we usually bring something back for tea too! 😉


Although the items bought form Collins and smales aren’t caught locally the reason why we use them is because they supply Icelandic, frozen at sea cod. The operation on the vessels that catch this fish is outstanding, they catch, part prep and freeze the produce whilst at sea! You can’t get any fresher than that!! The reason we use Icelandic cod is a reason of quality, it is unequivocally the BEST cod in the world

Richard Collins runs his operation from Darlington, the largest supplier of frozen at Sea fish in the country. Collins Seafoods was created back in 1980 when Richard Collins first filled his van with fresh seafood with the aim of supplying his local restaurants, bars, hotels and fish and chip shops. His customers developed such a taste for Richard’s delicious produce, not to mention his no-nonsense way of doing business that he had to upgrade his single van to an entire fleet. They supply us with the best frozen at sea fish the ocean has to offer. Today Collins Seafoods supply an impressive number of fish and chip shops throughout the country, as well as wholesalers throughout the UK and Ireland.


We deal primarily with Bobby from Smales. The Smales family are based in Hull and are a very well know supplier of quality fish products. Smales was founded back in 1937. They are a family owned business that maintain the standards and values that were passed down through generations. They supply fish & seafood, along with complementary products to suit the demands of today’s fish fryer, using temperature controlled national distribution vehicles.


Haley runs a bakery just up the road at Shiremoor, its been in the family many a year and now Haley runs the show. She supplies u all of our bread and different buns.

Tyneside foods and Beckleberry’s

Alan runs the sales side of Tyneside foods and represents Beckleberry’s. Tyneside food service deliver a large range of ambient, frozen, butchery, desserts, drinks and more. They offer quality, choice and value. Alan our rep works closely with us and helping us keep up to date with offers and beckleberrys ice cream.

Coming from a proud tradition of ice-cream makers we are very particular about who we’d use, Beckleberry’s are local and meet those standards. Beckleberrys was started back in 1996 by father and son Ian and Peter Craig. They manufacture fresh cream gourmet ice creams. They have accumulated over 70 great taste awards since first entering in 2002 and use the best quality ingredients to create their award winning ice cream flavours. They steer clear of artificial flavourings and colourings and include less sugar that is found in most ice creams making their products more suited to adult palates and allowing their natural flavourings to come through cleanly