Sustainability and recycling

Sustainability and recycling

Here at Pantrinis we take looking after the environment very seriously and like to do our best to help out as much as we can. Take a look below at everything we take part in!


Pantrinis Promise Stamp (3)We would like all of our customers to be able to enjoy our award winning fish and chips forever so it is important we help to ensure this is possible. Our fish is supplied from Collin Seafoods ( who are an audited member of Marine Stewardship council, ensuring all fish is sourced responsibly and the trawlers supplying the fish are part of the responsible fishing scheme. This means our fish is fully traceable right back to the boat and ensure the fish we serve are not endangered or threatened.

We have a different species of fish on our special board every month, encouraging our customers to try different kinds of fish.  All fish on our menu is sourced according to the MSC guide (  and MCS good fish guide ( to ensure we only serve sustainable fish on our menu.

Here you can read our Fish buying policy – PDF form of fish buuying policy downloadable

It all adds up…

We do as much as we can to reduce our carbon footprint, from our frying range to the lightbulbs in our shop.

During our refurbishment back in 2009 we also invested in new frying ranges. These frying ranges are Kiremko high efficiency frying ranges which we use to cook all of our products. They also help us save up to 30% in energy costs.

We monitor our gas, water and electricity to reduce our carbon footprint.

All of our packaging is biodegradable, including our bags.

sustainabilityandrecyclingWe have full LED lighting throughout the whole shop.

We try to reduce our food miles by buying from local suppliers as much as we can

All non food waste is collected and recycled by O’Briens waste recycling solutions

We can account for all of our waste oil which is uplifted and recycled by Henry Colbeck and turned into biodiesel.

Several of our staff members have enrolled with the cycle to work scheme, and they are all encouraged to do so.

We recycle our food waste to a local small holding

Download the Pantrinis sustainability policy (PDF Decument).